Southern-lovin’ Boom for your Boom!

As we watch the last of our Boom popcorn growing around the country, our thoughts drift to what to do with it once ready. We pop it, of course! But then what? Do we eat it plain? Do we dress it up?
Our friend, Amber Wilson, writes an awesome blog called For the Love of the South. Her writing and recipes are very southern lovin’ and cajun-inspired. We couldn’t help but wonder what she’d do with some Boom. Boy, did she ever deliver. Our mouths are watering just looking at the photos. Without further adieu, here are Amber’s thoughts on a totally fantastical Boom crop:

Nashville Hot Chicken Popcorn 

Nashville Hot Chicken is a staple in this Southern city. The heat from the cayenne is balanced with brown sugar and mustard powder mimics the vinegary bite from pickles, which are traditionally served with hot chicken. 

NashvilleHotChicken (1)

Crawfish Boil Popcorn 

Growing up in Louisiana, the scent of crawfish boils are engrained in my memory. The wafting scent of vinegar, cayenne, and allspice filled the hot, humid Southern air. Tossing freshly popped popcorn in this spice blend brings me right back to backyard crawfish boils.


Texas Mesquite Popcorn 

Walking down the streets in downtown Fort Worth, the scent of sweet, smoky barbecue fills the air. Sink your teeth into the simple blend of savory onion and garlic powders paired with smoky paprika. Howdy, y’all!