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It takes 100 days for your Boom to grow. But what else can happen in 100 days?

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Featured Grower: Carrie Dennett from "Nutrition By Carrie"

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Knee High by the 4th of July: Checking in with our growing friend!

In Minneapolis, the rain is plentiful, the sun is a shinin’ and guess whose corn is Knee High? That’s right, let’s take a peek at how Juniper’s garden is growing.

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Keep critters out of your BOOMCHICKAPOP® using this guide.

There's no debate: everybody loves the taste of popcorn! And that includes some hungry pests too. Here are some tips to keeping your BOOMCHICKAPOP® crop out of their greedy paws.

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Time to get in the garden!

It’s time to get in the garden and grow something amazing — like your very own BOOMCHICKAPOP®. Roll up those sleeves and start your garden adventure!

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