Growing Together

The who, what and why of GROW SOME BOOM™

There aren’t too many snacks that you can grow and eat straight off your land. But with Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP®, it’s deliciously possible.

GSB_man_003That’s because this growing season, over 300,000 green thumbs and newbies alike can GROW SOME BOOM with their families and friends. In fact, we’re giving out over half a million packets of our non-GMO, untreated BOOMCHICKAPOP seeds and the know-how to make a fun and healthy snack that everybody can feel great about.

“It just seemed like it was a gift we could give the people that were interested in BOOMCHICKAPOP and also people who were interested in growing food,” says Angie Bastian, co-founder of Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP. “It’s all in the spirit of understanding your food better.”


Plus, GROW SOME BOOM is all about growing closer with your family, friends and community. From backyard gardens to community spaces, the program aims to help create a dialog with growers across the nation as they nurture their seeds and get creative with their popcorn flavors.

As Angie notes, “I would love to see people show us what they’re doing with their popcorn. With half a million people actually interested in growing, the possibilities are limitless.”